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All salaam Sir Nobles, Lady Nobles and Sultanas                                       November 2020


I have just been looking at the MSLR Parish E-Mail showing the renovations being done to the St. Francis hall at the parish center. They are beautiful and will ensure that the hall will be a wonderful site for all the myriad meetings and gatherings that will take place in the parish for many years to come. However as one who has been involved with the parish for many years I can’t help but reflect on the many changes that have occurred in this space. I remember when it was the gym for the Academy of the Little Flowers run by the sisters who lived on site. When the school closed the gymnasium became a meeting place named the McKeon Center. When Fr. Michel became pastor and the parish grew to the point where the Old Mission San Luis Rey could no longer accommodate the crowds, Fr. Michel scrambled to find a place to hold mass. Maybe some of you remember attending mass outside on the tennis court. Affectionately known to some of the old timers as Our Lady of the Tennis Court it served its purpose until Fr. Michel was able to strike a deal with the Knights of Columbus Council 3162 to extend the hall and add the KofC Hall that we meet in once a month.  The refurbished hall became our church, complete with the stained glass windows that are now installed in the Serra Center. This state of affairs lasted until Fr. Michel was able to get the Serra Center built, at which time the McKeon center once again became the parish hall. Somewhere along the way it was renamed the St. Francis Hall. All of these changes show just how much things can change and yet the goal remains the same. This short history is how I remember the sequence of events. There are probably some of you who remember things a little differently and I would like to hear from you with your version.

Next month I will try and show how the history of Ben Ziri Caravan parallels the history of the St. Francis Hall in so many ways. I don’t have the space to do that this month.     Tony A.

On a Sad Note Herman Mosqueda Passed Away Nov 1:

When I heard that my dear friend Herman Mosqueda had passed away this week it really hit me hard. Herman was one of those people whom if you were lucky enough to call a friend, was a steadfast friend for life. I first met Herman and Violet in 1965 at Camp Lejuene, N.C.

If that seems like a lifetime ago it is because it was a lifetime. A lifetime of having a feeling of joy and well- being whenever we were together.

Herman was a quiet serious man who always adhered to the Marine Corps values of Honor, Discipline, and Faithfulness. He was a rock that you could always rely on. There was never any project, social gathering, or meeting that Herman wouldn’t help with at any time he was needed. True friends are a rare thing and when you have one you cherish him and when you lose one you mourn for him. Rest in peace Herman, you have run the race and fought the good fight and I pray that you may reap your reward in heaven. You will have a special place in my memories forever. Semper Fi brotherTony A.

Herman Mosqueda Funeral Arrangements:

Viewing November 16th 5pm – 7pm at Eternal Hills Mortuary, Oceanside

Funeral November 17th 11am at the Mission, Oceanside



All Caravan Functions will be Postponed until the Coronavirus Pandemic has passed. Be Safe and God Bless.

Region Eight Raffle:

Sept Drawing $100 Rich Langston, $50 Alexis Narnago.

The Raffle drawing will take place at the Ben Ziri Meeting each month. Please join us.

Tickets are still available!!

Contact Info: We are adding additional contact info in our database to help us keep in contact in case of changes we are not aware of. Please forward your alternate contact info to my email: taberbc@gmail.comor the address below:

1826 Via Monserate

Fallbrook, Ca. 92028



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Thursday, October 19th    …….  Monthly Ben Ziri Meeting

Cancelled due to Coronavirus !


November Birthdays:

  2……Fran Samhammer            3…… Anthony Castaneda              14…….. Carl Fischer             

17…… Bruce Taber                   18……. Celso Aberin                        19……Tony Andreas

November Anniversaries:

30….Ed and Frances Ehrhart

Sickness and Distress:

Please keep in your prayers all our members, families and loved ones, and especially;

Violet Mosqueda, John Pacheco, John Brown, Lucy Carroll, Mary Cloud. Joy De Maggio. Tom Baxter’s sister Elizabeth, Tom Baxter. The Andreas family member Shane Romick.  Lupe Marez, Juliana Renfro, Bob Santos, Fran Santos, Dorothy Van Tassel, Ken Owen, Juliana Taber, Don and Janet Getty , Eric Gilliland son of Stan and Marilyn Gilliland, Fr Michael Dallmeier, Carol Kostick, Chuck and Joanie Ayash, Ted Napolitano and Fran Samhammer.

Michael Caligiuri,  Grand Commander 

Phone #   760 940-9546




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