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All salaam Sir Nobles, Lady Nobles and Sultanas                                        October 2019


Last month I mentioned that Ronda Caravan # 94 from the L.A. area was disbanding and 6 of the remaining members were transferring to Ben Ziri.  I’ll mention their names again: LOUIS DARIN…….CARL FISCHER……. LARRY LAWRENCE……. TED NAPOLITANO……. DOM PIZZULLI……… and  BOB SANTOS.     Aben Zoar Caravan # 133  from the L.A area also disbanded recently and 9 of the remaining members also transferred to Ben Ziri, they were:  KENO BACA……… CHRIS BRAUN…….. VINCE BRAUN….. ANTHONY CASTANEDA….. JOHN GATT…… JOHN GILI…… MICHAEL MILLER…… TOM RATCHFORD……..and  RONALD SANCHEZ.   Once again I want to welcome each of them to Ben Ziri and thank them for remaining active members of the Order of Alhambra and hope we will see them at some of our future events.

Our new Supreme Commander, J. R. BLACK, sent a letter regarding the Order’s membership.  The request in his letter is very important and is attached to this month’s Fez Sez for everyone to read.

My final comment is about our Caravan’s event on Saturday October 26th.  I hope your planning to attend, it should be a FUN day.  Please read the attached proclamation  for all the details.

..Mike Caligiuri, Grand Commander

Proposed list of Ben Ziri Caravan Officers for 2020

The following list is composed of Sir Nobles and Lady Nobles who have been contacted and agreed to serve, if elected, on the Ben Ziri Officer’s Divan for the coming year. Any other member desiring to run for office should contact the Grand Commander as soon as possible and ask to be added to the list of candidates. The more members that are willing to seek office the better it is for the caravan. The election of officers will be held during the October 17, 2019 caravan meeting. This is a very important meeting for the future of the caravan and all members are urged to attend. Refreshments will be available after the meeting.

Grand Commander                              Mike Caligiuri
Vice Grand Commander                      Ed Scheer
Grand Chamberlain                             Stan Gilliland
Scribe of the Exchequer                      Fernando Acuna
Grand Scribe                                      Tony Andreas
Grand Advocate                                  Ed Scheer

Grand Editor/Historiographer                Bruce Taber
Master of the Wardrobe                       Ken Owen
Master of the Bodyguard                     Geri Cooper
Master of the Oasis                            Juliana Taber
Sentinel of the Tower                           Fe Castro
Sentinel of the Desert                         Fran Samhammer
Chaplain                                            Fr. Michael Dallmeier


Ben Ziri Annual Soup Cook-Offand Halloween Costume Social

This year we will be holding the Fifth Annual Soup Cook-Off October 26th. This will a Halloween Theme Social so Costume It Up!! Soup and Chowder entries from members, friends and whomever will be welcome. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes also for Best Costume!!( see Proclamation)!  …….So Mark Your Calender’s

Ben Ziri Installation of Officers

This year we will be holding the Installation of Officers at the Soup Cook-Off and Halloween Costume Social. This should be a memorable event as everone will be in costume as the officers are sworn in.

SN Mike Caligiuri will orchestrate the proceedings.

What Possibly Could Go Wrong!!

Region Eight Raffle:

May Drawing $100 Harriet Peters , $50 Bill Martin.

The Raffle drawing will take place at the Ben Ziri Meeting each month. Please join us.

Tickets are still available!!

Contact Info: We are adding additional contact info in our database to help us keep in contact in case of changes we are not aware of. Please forward your alternate contact info to my email: taberbc@gmail.comor the address below:

1826 Via Monserate

Fallbrook, Ca. 92028


Website……. I encourage everyone who has access to the internet to visit the site periodically. You can view the latest Blog, Photo Gallery, The Fez Sez, Event Calendar, Meeting Minutes, Membership Applications, Scholarship Application, Caravan By Laws and Make a Donation at

The Fez Sez:…..If anyone not receiving the Fez Sez via email and would like to please contact me and I will make sure it happens.

The Fez Sez:…..If anyone would like contribute to The Fez Sez please forward it to me for publishing.


Thursday, October 17th    …….  Monthly Ben Ziri Meeting

This meeting will be held at the Knights of Columbus Hall at the Mission San Luis Rey Parish at 6:00pm.

October 26th … Annual Soup Cook-Off/ Halloween Costume Social / Installation of Officers

See Proclamation

Sunday, December 15th ………. Ben Ziri Christmas Gala

See Proclamation


October Birthdays:

 2……..Marcos Montano               5…… John Straton Jr        10…… Herbert Man

12…… Margaret Hernandez          13…… Juliana Taber          14……Ronald Sanchez

18….... Rich Miro                         27…… Barbara Barrett       28……Laverne Burns

30…… Jean Nilles

October Anniversaries:

7…. Bruce and Juliana Taber   24……. James and Carol Kostick

Sickness and Distress:

Please keep in your prayers all our members, families and loved ones, and especially;

Herman and Violet Mosqueda, John Pacheco, John Brown, Lucy Carroll, Mary Cloud. Margarita Duran, Joy De Maggio. Tom Baxter’s sister Elizabeth, Tom Baxter, Thelma Poorman. The Andreas family member Shane Romick.  Lupe Marez, Juliana Renfro, Bob Santos, Fran Santos, Dorothy Van Tassel, Ken Owen, Juliana Taber, Don and Janet Getty , Eric Gilliland son of Stan and Marilyn Gilliland, Fr Michael Dallmeier, Carol Kostick, Chuck and Joanie Ayash, Rich Miro and Ted Napolitano.

Michael Caligiuri,  Grand Commander                        
Phone #   760 940-9546


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