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All Salaam Sir Nobles, Lady Nobles, and Sultana’s:                                    March 2022

Grand Commanders Comments:


I grew up in Massachusetts where the winters seemed to last forever. By the time March came around most people were longing for spring and the better weather that they were hoping to get in March. There were some years when we had to wait for April to get some relief from the weather. Even then we would have the occasional snow fall which the spring sun would soon melt. Just remembering the New England winters reminds me of why I live in Southern California. Our winters can be cold and damp and along with the pandemic of the last two years we have been pretty much housebound as our northern brethren are every winter. However, at long last the pandemic is losing its hold on us and the weather is warming, giving us a chance to get out and do things. Which brings me to my next subject. The monthly Ben Ziri Caravan meeting is on March17th, 2022. 1pm at the KofC Hall located in the Mission San Luis Rey Parish. That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day, so remember to put on your green and come and join your Ben Ziri friends as we attend to the business of the caravan. In order for us to remain viable as a caravan we need to have input from all of our members even those who are unable to attend the meeting. I invite any member who has  a subject that they wish to have discussed at the meeting to call the Grand Commander or myself and we will put the item on the agenda for the next meeting. Our membership has always been involved in the running of the caravan and that is one of the main reasons that we are still a functioning caravan, able to continue our mission of helping the mentally handicapped. Stay well and God bless.   Tony A


Region Eight Raffle:

 The Raffle drawing will take place at the Ben Ziri Meeting each month. Please join us.

 Tickets are still available!!

 Contact Info: We are adding additional contact info in our database to help us keep in contact in case of changes we are not aware of. Please forward your alternate contact info to my email: taberbc@gmail.comor the address below:

 1826 Via Monserate

 Fallbrook, Ca. 92028



Website……. I encourage everyone who has access to the internet to visit the site periodically. You can view the latest Blog, Photo Gallery, The Fez Sez, Event Calendar, Meeting Minutes, Membership Applications, Scholarship Application, Caravan By Laws and Make a Donation at

The Fez Sez:…..If anyone is not receiving the Fez Sez via email and would like to, please contact me and I will make sure it happens.

The Fez Sez:…..If anyone would like contribute to The Fez Sez please forward it to me for publishing.


Thursday, March 17th      …….  Monthly Ben Ziri Meeting

This meeting will be held at the Knights of Columbus Hall at the Mission San Luis Rey Parish at 1:00pm.


March  Birthdays:

 1 …… Mechelle Rhead         7…….Bernard Kelly           16…… Pat Dambach


18…… Ray Werner               25….…Mary Cloud              31….…Monica Acuna


March  Anniversaries:

19…... Ray and Marta Werner

Sickness and Distress:

Please keep in your prayers all our members, families and loved ones, and especially;

Violet Mosqueda, John Pacheco, John Brown, Lucy Carroll, Mary Cloud. Joy De Maggio. Tom Baxter’s sister Elizabeth, Tom Baxter. The Andreas family member Shane Romick.  Lupe Marez, Juliana Renfro, Bob Santos, Fran Santos, Dorothy Van Tassel, Ken Owen, Juliana Taber, Janet Getty, Eric Gilliland son of Stan and Marilyn Gilliland, Fr Michael Dallmeier, Carol Kostick, Chuck and Joanie Ayash, Ted Napolitano, Fran Samhammer and Frances Ehrhart.


Michael Caligiuri,  Grand Commander                         

Phone #   760 940-9546



Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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March 2, 2022 - Ash Wednesday



Scholarships applications must be completed and submitted to me not later than March 1, 2022.


                                                   MY SPUR OF THE MOMENT MEMBERSHIP DRIVE


I am holding a “Spur of the Moment Membership Drive.”  For every new member recruited in January to April, I am giving one free raffle ticket to the sponsor for a chance to win $200 on May 18, 2022 (after the Spring Raffle Draw). Even if you cannot hold the qualifying membership initiation for a while, bring them in as a brown tassel and they are considered a new member. All Applications must be received at the Secretariat not later than May 5, 2022.

This also goes to all members sponsoring a Member-at-Large #298. J



We will be holding our annual COV meeting July 16, 2022. We are staying at the Double Tree by Hilton at Green Tree, 500 Mansfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15205. The meeting will begin 9 a.m. sharp.



God doesn’t need us God wants us to do His work!

Typically, I try to write something to encourage each member to recruit. This month I am leaving it blank and am asking you to write what your own recruitment plan will be. Will you leave it blank? Will you be able to fill the page? It is up to you and your caravan. What does your future hold?... If each member would recruit one new member, wow, what an impact it would make on serving God’s Special Children. 


Every member will be receiving two books of ten raffle tickets within the next several weeks. The cost is still $5 per ticket. Every ticket sold will be reimbursed 5% back to their caravan. There are also cash prizes for the top three sellers. For every ten tickets sold, you will receive one free ticket. Please participate in selling your tickets. For additional tickets, please contact me. It really benefits everyone if each member sold their tickets. Thank you!



Mark your calendar and start planning. Our 60th Biennial Convention will be in Pittsburgh, PA, July 23, 2023, July 24, 2023, and July 25, 2023. We will supply you with more information shortly. I would love to have more families attend the convention. No matter how big or how small your caravan is, please plan to attend. We want you there!




PSC Ed Fiorella ask that you please join all of our friends at the Ocean City Weekend getaway. Although it is not an official Alhambra function, almost all of those attending, are from Caravans around the area, we have people from New York, Maryland, Virginia, and as far as Florida. No one has ever had a bad time even though the weather does not always cooperate. So, join us for a great time and friendships. Date: Oct 6/7/8 2022. Call Meghan at: 1-888-465-3451, to make reservations and tell them you are from the Alhambra.