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All salaam Sir Nobles, Lady Nobles and Sultanas                                                                           June 2020


I'm sitting here in my self imposed isolation thinking of you all and how much I miss socializing with you and all of my friends. These are uncertain times during which we can not be too careful. Most of us are at the age where if we contact this corona virus we will be in grave danger. So we isolate ourselves and it seems as though this will go on forever. I remember another fearsome time and I'm sure most of you do also. In our childhood the biggest fear our parents had for the welfare of their children was POLIO. Polio was a horrible, invisible, deadly, debilitating, disease for which their was no cure. Not only was there no cure nobody knew what caused it or who it would strike next. Parents listened to various reasons of how you could contact the disease. You remember not being allowed to swim until at least an hour after eating. Not cooling off in a breeze after exercising, etc. It was truly a fearful time. We all knew that by some unlucky chance we could be stricken and end up dead or in an iron lung, or paralized. Dreadful times indeed. Then seemingly out of nowhere came our deliverance from this fear. Dr. Jonas Salk had developed a vaccine that worked. Remember standing in line at school and being given two sugar cubes with a drop of vaccine on each of them. Those cubes were our gateway to a life without fear of contacting Polio. What a joyful time!  So as we sit here and wait out this virus we must remember that some of the best minds in the world are working to find the vaccine that will deliver us once again from fear. One of my favorite biblical sayings is "this too shall pass" and it will. We will meet together once again with all of our families and friends without fear. Until then stay well and know that you are loved and missed.

Grand Scribe Tony A.  


All Caravan Functions will be Postponed untill the Coronavirus Pandemic has passed.
Be Safe and God Bless.


Region Eight Raffle:

March Drawing $100 Mike Caligiuri,$50 Walt Samhammer.

The Raffle drawing will take place at the Ben Ziri Meeting each month. Please join us.

Tickets are still available!!

Contact Info: We are adding additional contact info in our database to help us keep in contact in case of changes we are not aware of. Please forward your alternate contact info to my email: taberbc@gmail.comor the address below:

1826 Via Monserate

Fallbrook, Ca. 92028


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Thursday, June 18th    …….  Monthly Ben Ziri Meeting

Cancelled due to Coronavirus !


June Birthdays:

11…….John Garrahy       17……. Louis Darin          22…… Harold Duffield

25……Phyllis Terzich      27….....Lucy Carroll          27…… Donald Getty

27……Bob Santos          30……... Rev Fr William O Brien

June Anniversaries:

11…….Herman and Violet Mosqueda

Sickness and Distress:

Please keep in your prayers all our members, families and loved ones, and especially;

Herman and Violet Mosqueda, John Pacheco, John Brown, Lucy Carroll, Mary Cloud. Joy De Maggio. Tom Baxter’s sister Elizabeth, Tom Baxter. The Andreas family member Shane Romick.  Lupe Marez, Juliana Renfro, Bob Santos, Fran Santos, Dorothy Van Tassel, Ken Owen, Juliana Taber, Don and Janet Getty , Eric Gilliland son of Stan and Marilyn Gilliland, Fr Michael Dallmeier, Carol Kostick, Chuck and Joanie Ayash, Rich Miro, Ted Napolitano and Fran Samhammer.


Michael Caligiuri,  Grand Commander                         

Phone #   760 940-9546



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