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All salaam Sir Nobles, Lady Nobles and Sultanas                                            April 2021


  I’d like to wish each of you a Happy and Blessed Easter.   Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have lived with the last 13 months, this year’s Holy week will once again be different for most of us, and the entire Christian world as well.

There does seem to be “light” at the end of the dark tunnel we’ve had to live with this past year.  I’m referring of course to the Vaccine that hopefully everyone in Ben Ziri have taken and is the beginning  to returning to a normal life once again.  The Order of Alhambra has recently approved Caravan’s to have meetings and events , providing  each Caravan follows  State and County pandemic guidelines.

I think it is time Ben Ziri considers having monthly meetings again, as well as some type of social gathering; keeping in mind San Diego counties current pandemic guidelines.  If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on getting Ben Ziri back ‘together’ again please call me.

Mike Caligiuri, Grand Commander.

All Caravan Functions will be Postponed until the Coronavirus Pandemic has passed. Be Safe and God Bless.

Region Eight Raffle:

March Drawing $100 Ron Sanchez, $50 Juliana Taber.

The Raffle drawing will take place at the Ben Ziri Meeting each month. Please join us.

Tickets are still available!!

Contact Info: We are adding additional contact info in our database to help us keep in contact in case of changes we are not aware of. Please forward your alternate contact info to my email: taberbc@gmail.comor the address below:

1826 Via Monserate

Fallbrook, Ca. 92028


Website……. I encourage everyone who has access to the internet to visit the site periodically. You can view the latest Blog, Photo Gallery, The Fez Sez, Event Calendar, Meeting Minutes, Membership Applications, Scholarship Application, Caravan By Laws and Make a Donation at

The Fez Sez:…..If anyone is not receiving the Fez Sez via email and would like to, please contact me and I will make sure it happens.

The Fez Sez:…..If anyone would like contribute to The Fez Sez please forward it to me for publishing.


Thursday, April 15th      …….  Monthly Ben Ziri Meeting

Cancelled due to Coronavirus !


April Birthdays:

  1……. Neil Williams                     8……...Janet Getty              26……. Bill Stone                   
27……..Charlene Duren               29……..Geri Cooper

April Anniversaries:

26 …… Gene and Gretchen Buehl                       26……. Ed and Hsiah (shay) Scheer

Sickness and Distress:

Please keep in your prayers all our members, families and loved ones, and especially;

Violet Mosqueda, John Pacheco, John Brown, Lucy Carroll, Mary Cloud. Joy De Maggio. Tom Baxter’s sister Elizabeth, Tom Baxter. The Andreas family member Shane Romick.  Lupe Marez, Juliana Renfro, Bob Santos, Fran Santos, Dorothy Van Tassel, Ken Owen, Juliana Taber, Don and Janet Getty , Eric Gilliland son of Stan and Marilyn Gilliland, Fr Michael Dallmeier, Carol Kostick, Chuck and Joanie Ayash, Ted Napolitano and Fran Samhammer.

Michael Caligiuri,  Grand Commander                         

Phone #   760 940-9546



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Dear Friends,

We hope this email finds you happy, healthy and in good spirits. Our students will miss seeing you in-person this spring at the annual Scholarship Donor Appreciation Luncheon. Until we can be together, we wanted to share personal stories of gratitude from some of our students so you could see how your generosity has positively impacted their lives.

With our heartfelt appreciation, please view the video below.


You – our dedicated scholarship donors – are fulfilling dreams, changing lives and making the world a better place – one student at a time. You are helping students gain the education and experience they need to succeed. Their success will impact their families, our communities, and quite possibly, the world. You can be confident that your scholarship support has changed lives and opened doors to new opportunities.

On behalf of San Diego State University, thank you for supporting our students. Thank you for being a life changer!


Adrienne D. Vargas
Vice President, University Relations and Development

Christian Holt, ’21
President, SDSU Associated Students

San Diego State University
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